Great Denham has been built by a number of developers, inlcuding David Wilson Homes (the lead developer), Barratts, Linden Homes, Bovis Homes, Lagan Homes.

Reporting problems to developers

Until the roads and areas in Great Denham are formally adopted by the Borough Council, you will need to report any issues with the roads, streetlights etc directly to the developer responsible for your area of the development.


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Contact details for developers (copy and paste email addresses into your mail app)

David Wilson Homes


Phone: 01604 784000

Barratt Homes


Bovis Homes


Lagan Homes


Linden Homes (Midlands Region)


Phone: 0800 975 5939


Adoption of roads and facilities by Bedford Borough Council


The adoption process between developer and the Borough Council can take a very long time! Many of the areas of Great Denham remain un-adopted after some 7 or 8 years! Financial provision for ongoing maintenance of adoptable areas is inlcuded in the S106 agreements signed between developer and Borough Council - for more details see S106 Agreement. 

The developer must request adoption of the Borough Council before anything can happen. Once the Council are happy to go ahead, a pre-adoption phase of maintenance is started, during which the developer must bring everything up to standard; this is then followed by a 12 month maintenance period, during which the developer remains responsibile for repair and maintenance of all items. Only once this is completed and the Borough Council have satisfied themselves to the standard of the area will they formally adopt the roads.

Until adoption all issues should be reported to the developer

After adoption the Borough Council is responsible for all repair and maintenance.

View the indicative adoption timeframes by area.


We are currently awaiting adoption of Greenkeepers Road and roads off to be completed.