Newsletters and Email Updates


In February 2014 the Parish Council produced its first newsletter and we hope to produce a newsletter quarterly in future.  Copies of our newsletter are delivered to every home in Great Denham and are also available to download below:


November 2017
May/June 2018
April 2016  August 2016
May 2015 September 2015
March 2015 August 2014
December 2014 June 2014
October 2014 February 2014



In addition, if you are a parishioner, you can be kept up to date about events, activities and matters of importance via email.  If you wish to receive the email updates please send your address to the Clerk at

Your details will be kept confidential and if at any time you don't wish to receive the updates you can simply request your name be removed from the circulation list.

Biddenham Bulletin

We have also made contributions to the Biddenham Bulletin and these can be found below. Please note that there is no Biddenham Bulletin published in August.

September 2011                                                February 2012                                      February 2013

October 2011                                                      March 2012                                         March 2013

November 2011                                                  April 2012                                             April 2013

December 2011/January 2012                           May 2012                                              May 2013

                                                                           June 2012                                             June 2013

                                                                           July 2012                                              July 2013 - no newsletter

                                                                           September 2012                                   September 2013

                                                                           October 2012                                        December 2013 & January 2014

                                                                           November 2012

                                                                           December 2012 & January 2013