The Parish Council has received many reports from residents about NOS Canisters littering the Park and Ride, and we have been working with the CCTV team and the Police to tackle this.

On Friday 31st May 2019 a car was reported parked at the Park and Ride, and the driver was clearly using NOS. This was reported and the CCTV team were able to capture images of the vehicle and call a police vehicle to attendance. The individual was spoken to by the Police.

So please report any occurence to 101 if you see something - it will assist the Police in helping us deal with this very real issue, as they can benefit from the CCTV on the Park and Ride to record images as evidence if needed. The Streetwatch team in Great Denham will also be monitoring the Park and Ride on an ongoing basis.

The Parish Council will continue to focus on this, and work with the CCTV team and the Community Police team to prevent Great Denham Park and Ride from being used for these purposes.