Great Denham has some fantastic walks for dogs and dog owners - but one resident and his family have had a very distressing experience caused by a dog off the lead and not under control.

"Yesterday our family cat was savaged and killed, by a dog, off lead, and away from its owner. This was on our driveway and all caught on CCTV."

This happened only a few days ago, on Sunday 12th May . The Police, RSPCA and Dog Warden have all been informed.

If you are a dog owner who enjoys walking your pet in the Country Park or footpaths of Great Denham, please, PLEASE, make sure your dog is under control at all times - if the dog does not recall well, then keep it on a lead. Let's not have any other reports of cats, rabbits or other animals being attacked and killed or badly injured. And even worse - it could be a child that is attacked. Great Denham is a great place to live - let's help everyone enjoy it!