The Parish was given some £95,000 by Bovis, the builder of the original 249 houses in Great Denham, as payment in lieu of building a temporary community hall with which the residents of those houses should have been provided. This sum had to be spent by November 2016 or any unspent balance returns to Bovis and we are pleased to report that the money was indeed spent in time. The money had to be used for capital expenditure or costs directly related to such expenditure and not to subsidise the precept.  When the money was received it had been receiving interest for some time and over the years the Parish Council ensured its continued growth by carefully investing the money where the interest rates were highest.  

As the Commuted Sum was originally given to the community in lieui of a temporary community centre, it seemed appropriate that a large proportion of it should be spent on the Community Hall.  As anyone who has visited the Hall will know, we now have an amazing state of the art facility in the heart of our community and many of the facilities have been purchased using the Commuted Sum.  What may not be known is that as a result of a viability exercise by the developer many of the fittings and finishes in the Hall were reduced and the Parish Council used not only the Commuted Sum but also some money in its reserves to ensure these were not lost to us.  We now have a building which we can justly be proud of and which will be a focal point of our community for many years to come.

Other major purchases which the money has been used for are as follows:-

1.       Provide and maintain a community tree for roundabout in Kingswood Way - £5000 

2.       Landscape roundabout in Kingswood Way as an entrance feature for Great Denham £21,000.

3.       Purchase Great Denham ‘village’ name road signs - £3,000 

4.       Stone entrance feature on Great Denham roundabout - £6,500 

In addition, the Parish Council has used the Commuted Sum to purchase and install three bench seats along the riverside walk, two bench seats in the wetland area of the Country Park and two notice boards were installed in Greenkeepers Road.