The Parish Council often receives inquiries as to when the promised facilities, such as the shop and Country Park, will be provided in Great Denham.  This is governed by something called a Section 106 Agreement which sets a trigger point by which time each facility is to be delivered.

The S106 Agreement for Great Denham is known as the “S106 Legal Agreement for Biddenham Loop and Land West of Kempston”.  If you wish to see the original documents please follow this link to the relevant page of Bedford Borough Council’s website

 The Parish Council has endeavoured to ensure the developers (David Wilson Homes) and Bedford Borough Council provide facilities as promised and in the best interests of parishioners, rather than the economic expedience of the developers.  However, you should be aware that the developers and Bedford Borough Council are allowed to alter this Agreement by an exchange of letters and have done so in some cases.  Despite our best efforts we have not been able to establish the current situation to our satisfaction.  We hope that this will soon be remedied, as we have successfully lobbied to have a monthly meeting with the Planning Department so that we can be kept up to date.  The first meeting will take place in late September 2012. 

Set out below are the trigger points relating to Great Denham as agreed in the original S106 Agreement.  You will note some obvious discrepancies right from the beginning e.g. the youth facility has not been provided, instead a temporary “kick about area” has been supplied off Saxon Way.






Youth facility


Ecumenical centre – site laid out and serviced

300 (but site open to offers from interested parties until 1000 occupations)

Shop – site laid out and serviced


300 (but site offered to retailers for up to 12 months after 1200 occupations)

NEAP 1 (Neighbourhood Equipped Area for Play)


District Centre


Playing fields


Nursery – site identified

500 This site has been bought by Toybox Nurseries

Country Park


Recycling centre




Play facilities within each housing parcel

No more than 50% of houses within each parcel to be occupied

*The number of houses occupied should be no more than that indicated by the time the facility is to be provided.  At present (September 2012) we believe over 400 houses are occupied.

 In addition the Park & Ride facility must be provided by Bedford Borough Council by 14th September 2026 or they must return the money received from the developer for this purpose.